The procession of Saint Anthony of Padova, held on June 13th, is a religious ceremony particularly dear to the tradition of Pontelandolfo of which Saint Anthony is the patron saint. On the occasion of the function, small loaves of blessed bread (called pagnottelle) are distributed among the faithful according to the ancient custom that in the past included the offering of bread to the poor by devotees and pilgrims, as a symbol of devotion and thanksgiving towards the Saint of Padova prodigal of graces and advice. The procession in honor of the saint takes place after 6.00 pm Mass and crosses most of the town center, following the following path: departure from the ancient Church of the Santissimo Salvatore where the nineteenth-century statue of the Saint, Piazza Roma, Viale Europa, Via Falcone and Borsellino, Via Canalone, Via Piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII, Via Falcone e Borsellino, Via Gentile, Piazza San Rocco, Viale Europa, back in the Mother Church. The passage of the statue of the saint, which according to the faithful who carry it on the shoulder, seems to be one of the heaviest among the statues carried in procession, is generally preceded by the procession of children who received the holy Communion before and who are wearing the white habit. The little ones, in fact, are entrusted to the protection of the Saint. At the end of the religious celebration there is a civil festival with live music and the usual fireworks.

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