For the third consecutive year on 3 and 4 August 2019 the official rally “Vietato Sfumare – Wild Camp” will be held, organized by the Fuori Fase, a Pontelandolfese group of enthusiasts and true lovers of “curved” cars !!

A two days in free camping in total harmony with nature, Plastic Free event, in Lente Piana, the one organized by Fuori Fase in the name of passion for the uninterruptedly produced car for 65 years that has the record of longevity and for years it was the most sold car in the world with 21.529.464 examples !!!

Guests and friends from different cities in Italy, for an event that combines the true passion for VWs with that for respect for pristine nature and true friendship.
For all the gatherers, a program has been planned that foresees different tourist and culinary moments that highlight the peculiarities of Pontelandolfesi and Alto Sannio.
There will be several crews present with vintage buses and beetles!

Coordinates: 41.300322, 14.626042

For info and contacts:

Michele: 328 949 2507

John: 335 181 5301

Giuliano: 333 284 5818

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