An agrarian hill landscape alternates with the typical landscape of the mixed hill forest. You can follow paths traced between patches of ash, maple and chestnut trees, where it is not unusual to see hares, foxes and martens. Birdwatchers can spot magpies, cuckoos, owls, owls and blackbirds in these woods.

To the north-east of Monte Calvello, a summit easily reachable from the town of Monticelli, you can go hiking in the mountains, visit the beautiful beech forest with centuries-old trees and continue to Lago Spino, where you can camp outdoors. There are also numerous natural springs including Sorgente Silenzola, Acqua del Campo, Acqua del Monte and Sorgente Sant’Elmo.

Lake Spino is an example of a karst lake or “disappearance” characterized by periods of filling and periods of total drainage of the water basin. The phenomenon is due to the presence of calcareous rocks in the subsoil which, being permeable, allow the waters to flow down underground. It is possible to observe the lake in full in late winter, but the show is very suggestive also in the other seasons of the year.

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